The Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) was first introduced into the US (in northern Pennsylvania) in the early 1990’s, and in a very short time has become a considerable pest throughout the Eastern seaboard.   it has actually been found in many parts of the country, but sightings west of the Mississippi are relatively rare, and have probably been recently introduced into those parts. The stinkbug is notorious for climbing aboard traveling vehicles and RV’s, so its introduction to new areas has become commonplace. BMSB has no interest in reproduction inside homes, but uses them to overwinter, only to continue the cycle once the weather warms up in the spring. That is why they are normally found inside the home in the fall and spring. They enter in the fall looking for a place to reside, then, in the spring, they awaken and look for a way out.

stinkbug-pennyStinkbugs feed on plant juices and have become a serious agricultural pest in recent years. Their sharp piercing mouthpart, or proboscis, is poked into plant stems or the fruit itself, whereby the juices are extracted. This causes a scarring on the face of the fruit and can make it visually unappealing and unsellable. For this reason, additional treatments are made in large gardens and orchards at appropriate times for control of this economic pest.

For the homeowner, it sometimes becomes necessary to treat the exterior of the home as well as interior entry points such as window frames, door frames, garages, attics and storage areas before the cold weather arrives. This will prevent the majority of the stinkbugs from overwintering in your home. Most people encounter a few stinkbugs in their home throughout the cooler months, but if the numbers have become unbearable in the past, there is a good chance they will be back; therefore, it is entirely up to the homeowner to decide if the problem warrants a preventative treatment. It is important to know, however, that any treatment must occur before the seasons change, otherwise the insects will already be inside, mostly dormant, and may not emerge until springtime. As you can see, stinkbug treatments must be thorough and meticulously performed. This does, however, have a side benefit. It can also go far to prevent other Occasional Perimeter Invaders from entering your home. This includes, but is not limited to overwintering wasps, Box Elder Bugs, some spiders, soil bugs and other seasonal pests.

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