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Most wasps and hornets are social insects with a social hierarchy ( workers, soldiers, reproductives). Some are quiet docile, only stinging when they are threatened. Others will sting quite readily when a potential threat comes near the nest. Their nests are comprised of a type of wood pulp, made by chewing & regurgitating wood fibers and forming them into the desired shape. They will start new colonies each year, beginning with take over the construction and protection of the nest. Once the new workers have hatched, they will take over the construction and protection of the nest. The colony continues to expands through the summer months, then dies off around the first frost.

Wasps and Hornets are considered to be mostly beneficial, feeding primarily on other insects and caterpillars. Controlling and removing nests should only be considered when a direct threat is envisioned. Nest elimination and removal should only be completed by a professional, as a direct attack on the nest will always cause an aggressive response.

Will the nest be removed when service is done?

In most cases, removal of the nest can be performed at the time of treatment, but in some instances, the nest should remain until the foraging workers have returned.  In this case, a return trip should be scheduled.

Will other Wasps/Hornets use an old nest?

Normally, old nests will be destroyed by other foraging animals or other insects reusing the paper material for their own nests…  In any case, old nests are not re-occupied by the following year’s insects.

Does the yard get sprayed to keep them away?

We almost never spray the yard to ward off wasps and bees.  This overuse of pesticides will adversely affect non-target insects and other organisms, yet will not repel other wasps from taking up harborage.

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