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The eastern Subterranean Termite, or Reticulitermes Flavipes, is present throughout the mid-eastern United States.  Infestations often result in damage to structural timbers of homes and buildings, yet they can remain undetected for long periods of time due to their reclusive, or Crypto-biotic behavior.  This social insect’s colony growth is dependent on local climate conditions and availability of its primary food source (wood).  The most common indication of possible infestation occurs in the springtime, when homeowners notice swarming of reproductives, or Alates.  Other indications include discarded wings, shelter tubes or cosmetic damage to interior walls or flooring.

Control of this pest always starts with an inspection of the premises to determine the extent of the infestation and the conditions present that will aid or inhibit control of this insect pest. When termites are found around the structure, a full perimeter treatment is normally warranted for complete control. To schedule an inspection, or if you have other concerns about this pest, please click here.

How do I recognize termites?

Coming from the same family of insects, Termites are very similar to ants.  Ants have a visibly segmented body, “elbowed antennae”, and in the swarming state, two different sized wings.  Termites on the other hand have a singularly shaped body, straight antennae, and all wings are the same size.  It is best to save specimens and call a qualified inspector for final determination.

Is there anything I can do to help prevent termites from entering my home?

Keep Moisture away from foundation of the home, properly install gutters and downspouts for proper water drainage.  Watch grade stakes, vegetation, and/or Tree Roots away from foundation.  Routine Inspection of home for signs of activity.

If I see termite activity, will they ever go away? If shelter tubes are not active, where did the termites go?

Termites will occasionally leave when seasons change, or climate conditions (heat, dryness, etc.) make it an unfavorable environment.  This does not mean they are no longer present; they will constantly look for other food sources, so a good inspection is very important.

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