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stinkbugThe Brown Marmorated Stink Bug is a recent import to the United States, having been first introduced into the Allentown area in the late 1990’s. Although this insect is considered a formidable pest in agriculture, it is for the most part a nuisance pest in and around homes. If left unchecked, these pests can number in the thousands in attics, dormers and in living areas when they try to over winter in and around the house. Protection from this invasion can only be accomplished if done at the proper time of the year. Insecticides break down rather quickly when exposed to heat and light, so timing means everything when dealing with this pest. In general, treating the exterior , windows and attic interiors in mid to late October will usually go far to reduce the impact of this nuisance pest.

The number one nuisance pest in fall, is the Brown Marmorated Stink Bug.  As Autumn evenings become colder adult stinkbugs gain access through cracks and crevices to begin their stage of hibernation. In one case more than 26,000 insects were found in a single home. Although they hibernate in the winter months, often the warmth inside the structure causes them to become active, flying clumsily around windows, light fixtures or TV’s even during the cold months.  Their hibernation extends into the warmer spring weather, at such time they begin to reemerge from their overwintering sights, again causing the same annoyance once again.

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I can only treat for stinkbugs in the Fall? Why?

Proper treatment of stinkbugs requires that they are treated when trying to enter the structure.  This occurs in the autumn, prior to colder weather.  After they have entered their dormant phase, pesticides have no effect on them until their metabolism speeds up and they come in contact with the pesticide.

Why do I see so many of them in Fall, but almost see none during the Summer?

Stinkbugs feed on only plant juices, so their food is outside.  They only want to enter the structure in autumn to overwinter.

Does spraying the windows keep them from entering my home?

No, it will kill them shortly thereafter, but the pesticide takes time to have any effect.

I see them through my entire home, why is it mostly my attic that gets treated?

These are the general entry points, and the place where pesticide can be placed without undue concern to family and pets.  These insects are extremely hardy and therefore require a thorough treatment to have any effect.

What attracts stinkbugs to my home?

The sole interest of stinkbugs in homes is for an overwintering site.  They do not mate or lay eggs indoors.

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