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Skunks, also known as Polecats, are best known for their ability to secrete a strong, foul odor when threatened. Their appearance varies, but in our area, they are normally found to be black with white markings. Skunks are almost entirely nocturnal, meaning they do their traveling and feeding at night. They can eat both plant and animal matter, and in urban areas they will usually seek out human garbage for sustenance. Skunks are opportunistic when looking for harborage and often will seek refuge under decks and porches of homes. They have excellent hearing and sense of smell, but very poor vision and rarely live longer than three years, due in part to human interactions like road traffic and shootings. Trapping and habitat manipulation is the accepted form of removal, and due to their ability of spraying to defend themselves, pose many challenges when trapping efforts are in place.

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How would I know if a skunk is living on my property?

A foul odor present over a period of days, accompanied by shallow burrows under decks or fence lines is a good indicator.

Is there anything that can be used as a repellant to keep skunks from my property?

There are repellant products on the market, but their effectiveness has not been proven.

Can I trap a skunk myself or should I have professional company handle it?

Capturing a skunk is not difficult, but safe removal from the area without getting sprayed is…. call a professional!

What can I do if my pet was sprayed by a skunk? Will I notice?

If your pet was sprayed, you will know it, and so will the pet.  There are materials available to help neutralize the odor, and they can be somewhat effective.  However, the odor will not be completely gone and must wear off.

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