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The raccoon is a mostly nocturnal animal and is omnivorous, meaning that it eats both plants and small animals. They are well adapted to live in almost any setting with ample food/water sources, therefore, few animals have as wide a distribution area.   It has extremely dexterous front paws, and is well known for its intelligence and memory. In urban areas, raccoons will occasionally take up residence in storm sewers or even attics. This leaves ample opportunity to feed on trash and garbage in residential containers.

Trapping and habitat manipulation is the accepted method of control. Because of their intelligence and manual dexterity, many challenges occur during proper trapping scenarios.

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How are raccoons handled? Is chemical baiting used or live trapping?

Raccoons are a wildlife species and must be live trapped.  Since they are known to be vectors of Rabies, they must be handled carefully

Could raccoons possibly get into my house?

On occasion they will enter the home, normally by means of the attic.

What are some tips to help keep the raccoons away from my home at night?

Keep trash cans sealed and feed pets indoors.

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