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Roaches have been on earth for approx. 70 million years. There are many varieties, yet the ones affecting humans all have the same requirements; Food, moisture, harborage, heat.   Roaches can eat almost anything organic, including paper, glue, soap, leather, even hair; yet they cannot survive more than a week without a moisture source. They are not considered a social insect, but tend to reside in close proximity to one another – usually in dark, warm areas near a food/ moisture source.

Introduction of this pest occurs through many sources; shopping bags, soda/beer cases, groceries, used furniture, etc. Sanitation is a major concern and good sanitation practices will help immensely to limit the ability of this pest to claim a foothold in homes.

Control methods involve inspecting for harborage areas, poor sanitation and possible introduction points. Once these are determined, a comprehensive baiting/treatment plan is usually sufficient to eliminate this pest. However, consistent homeowner involvement is required for complete control.

Can roaches and/or eggs be transported from one place to another?

Yes.  It is the most common form of introduction for this pest.

If I see one roach should I expect to see more?

In some cases, you may have only one insect transported into that specific area; if it is a male or immature female, lyou may be safe.  However, these insects are reclusive, so you may be mistaken in thinking there is only one insect.

Is a water bug the same as a roach?

In general, what is called a water bug is actually a species of cockroach.  It is normally misdiagnosed; its true name is the Oriental Cockroach, and it prefers dark damp climates when possible.

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