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Bed bugs have been a parasitic pest of humans for over 3,300 years, or from the time of the Egyptians. It is believed that they are derived from their close cousin, the Bat bug, and evolved over time to prefer human hosts. Bed bugs are great “hitchhikers” and are transported quite readily from place to place. To date, one out of five Americans has had a Bed bug infestation in their homes, or knows someone who has had them. Areas of initial contact vary widely, and can include visits to hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, friends and family, daycares, etc. Also, transportation on used furniture is a major introduction point to unaware recipients. Clutter is a contributing factor and will adversely alter the effectiveness of treatment procedures. Unless the problem has been left unchecked, Bed bugs normally reside close to their host. Thorough inspection is required to determine the intensity of the infestation and in certain cases, detection dogs are very helpful in this task.

It should be understood that the source of insect bites cannot be determined by the inspection of the bites themselves. It is virtually impossible to distinguish bed bug bites from flea bites or even mosquito bites, except in rare occurrences…unless an inspection of the premises is also performed.

Treatment methods vary widely, with chemical and heat treatments being the most widely accepted. However, freezing and other desiccation methods have also shown promise in certain circumstances.

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How do bed bugs get inside your home?

Bedbugs are almost always introduced into the home through human interaction; whether from a person’s clothing, belongings or by acquiring second hand furniture.  Stays in hotels, restaurants and movie theaters can be an introduction point as well.

How do I know I have bed bugs? Do I have to see an Insect before I know for sure?

Having visible insects present is not the only way to determine activity.  Tiny blood spots or fecal material in beds or linens is another way of determining activity.  Insect bites alone are usually not a positive indication of infestations.  Some people receive no bite indications; even if there is evidence of bite marks, there is no way of determining which insect created the bite mark without other governing factors.

Will all the bugs be killed during the treatment?

After the treatment regimen, all stages of the insect should be eliminated.  However, care must be taken not to introduce new insects into the home.  These insects are long-lived, and all treatment requirements must be followed for optimum results.

I am being bit by something, but I don’t see anything inside my home?

There is no way of determining what insect is biting, or if it is an insect at all.  A thorough inspection is required for any complete determination.  Dogs have proven invaluable in making determinations of activity.

Is there anything I can do to prevent bed bugs from getting inside my home?

Be constantly diligent when traveling.  Occasional inspections of your bedding/furniture can be of help.

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