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Bats are small mammals whose forelimbs form webbed wings, thereby making them the only mammal capable of true sustained flight.  There are up to six species of bats in Pa., but the two most common – Big and Small Brown bats- are the most likely to be encountered in homes.  They spend daytime roosting, grooming and sleeping, At dusk, they leave their summer roosting areas to feed on night flying insects and are considered to be a farmer’s friend by feeding on agricultural pests.

Bats have one to two offspring a year, usually in June or July.  In nature, they can survive for twenty years.  They spend the summer months actively feeding at night, then will normally migrate to caves, buildings, mines or storm sewers to hibernate in October, November or December.  Due to dwindling numbers caused by white nosed fungus and other pathogens, bats are highly protected and severe restrictions are in place regarding the timing of any exclusion efforts.

How could I have bats in my house and yet my neighbor not have any problems?

Bats are opportunistic cave dwelling animals and normally roost in colonies.  If your location is conducive for bat entry, they may find your house convenient – but not your neighbors.

The restrictions for exclusion, does that mean you cannot remove the bats at all? Is timing based on what season it is when they’ll be able to be removed?

Yes.  Because their numbers are dwindling, we may not disturb them during their mating or young rearing seasons.  This varies from location to location.

What is the worst that could happen if I seal entry points up before getting bats removed?

In trying to escape, the bats will often enter the living areas of the home.

Could Bats carry bugs into my home if they are roosting?

Yes.  Bats carry pathogens like other animals, including the bat bug.  It is a parasitic insect related to the bed bug and can infest bat harborages in homes.

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