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Ants are the most numerous and diverse insect on our planet. There are many different varieties, and all have different characteristics and requirements for colony growth. They do, however, have one trait in common; ants require essentially the same foods as humans – starches, sugars or proteins. Their social organization, as well as their food requirements, determine the area they are likely to infest. Complete control is dependent on proper identification; therefore, thorough inspection of the affected areas is required to determine the type or types of ants causing the concern.

Ant colonies contain numerous members, and their control is rarely achieved in one treatment. Conditions conducive to infestation around the home will usually determine the need for repeated control efforts. A thorough inspection will disclose the environmental conditions present that may facilitate a quicker, more permanent control. To schedule an inspection, or if you have other concerns about this pest, please click here.

How long does it take for bait to start taking effect?

In general, ant baits usually start to work in a few days; however, ants may be taking the bait to store away, thereby not feeding on it until the colony requires that particular food source.  This is the main reason why baits are a tool, not the entire answer to ant issues.

Does weather effect ant activity?

Weather affects ants in many ways – Dry/hot weather can cause ants to require different food sources, thereby avoiding certain baits.  Extremely damp weather can cause colonies to move to dryer areas, sometimes inside homes.  Colder climates can cause ants to move indoors or under concrete slabs.

What baiting is used for ants?

There are many types of baits, including granules, gels, and liquid.  Each type has a purpose and must be used in the right circumstance, or it will be ineffective in controlling the colony.

Is there a general species of ant in this area?

There is no one general type of ant in our area.  There are many different types, with different requirements; environment, necessary foods and nesting areas.  It is always best to capture a few specimens and call a professional for a qualified inspection.

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