Jim M.

Jim has been in the pest control industry for over 40 years, having first been employed by a family owned pest control company at the age of 17. While attending college, he continued working part time in the industry. Afterward, Jim started his own company, finally incorporating the business in 1988. Throughout his career, he has become accredited in Wood Destroying Pest Identification and Control, and passed courses in Food Processing Plant Pest Control. As a life-long resident of Concord Township, Jim has always had a desire to help others less fortunate. He is a past president and active member of the local Rotary Club, Past Master of Concord Masonic Lodge and is active in the local division of Pennsylvania Pest Management Association. An insistence on quality of service over quantity of service is his trademark.


Vicki L.
Administrative Assistant

Vicki has been with the company since November 2002. She has become an invaluable member of this company; Overseeing daily operations of the growing business, scheduling work, handling incoming calls. Vicki has an infectious good humor and character that quickly puts clients at ease with their concerns. You can be assured that when you speak to her, your problem will be resolved.


Ali A.
Customer Service Representative

Ali has been with the company since 2014, helping with administrative tasks and incoming phone calls. She assists with social media concerns, which consistently keeps our customers informed about potential pest problems and effective solutions. You can always see her handiwork on our website blog page.


Jeff M.
Licensed Technician

Jeff has been employed with this company since January 2006. He quickly became licensed in the state required Core Exam as well as Household Pest Control. Jeff is very knowledgeable on both insects and rodent biology, is well liked by his clients and goes the extra mile to satisfy their concerns.


Corey H.
Licensed Technician

Corey has been with the company since September 2012. He became licensed shortly thereafter, and has risen to the challenge of being the most well-liked and recommended employee in this company. He consistently receives the most compliments and the highest marks with our clients; this signals a trust between service technician and client that is highly sought after in our industry.


Michael J.
Licensed Technician

Mike has lived locally for over 5 years and has worked in the industry since the early 2000’s. Mike has gained experience & knowledge serving commercial & residential accounts throughout his career in pest control, and has developed a skill in educating the customers and solving the pest problems first hand. Michael is state certified in several categories including Termite/Wood Destroying Insects and General Household, and is licensed in 3 other states such as NJ, DE, & MD. He takes pride in educating the customer about their concerns, as well as knowing that the job is completed to it’s fullest capability.

We feel confident that our clients, both new and old, will welcome Mike as another tool to combat their pest control problems.

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